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Connecting With Cultures Through Food – Reflection

For my Digital Asia body of work, I felt drawn to explore the topic of food through cooking. I had recently found and tested a laksa recipe online. While cooking it, and during the meal itself, I felt so at … Continue reading

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Connecting with Cultures Through Food – Pakistan

When we met in a cafe on campus, Shayan, a Pakistani international student, told me about his love of food. He revealed his secret dreams, which he called his ‘realistic goal and the unrealistic one’ – to become a food … Continue reading

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Connect with Cultures Through Food – Philippines

Gracie, a student at the University of Wollongong and fellow debater, speaks with an accent that’s hard to put your finger on – she calls it pan-global. Grace was born in the Philippines, and as a child moved around between … Continue reading

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‘Lanterns: The Harvest Festival’ Review

A tile-placing game set in imperial China, ‘Lanterns: The Harvest Festival’ is family board game for players of all ages developed by Foxtrot Games. Two to four players must prepare the Emperor’s palace for the Harvest Festival by placing colourful … Continue reading

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Critique of Jame’s Blunsum’s ‘Safe Spaces and Trigger Warnings’

Over the course of the semester I’ve been following the research project of my classmate, James Blunsum, concerning the establishment of safe spaces on university campuses and the use of trigger warnings in a university context. Here I will try … Continue reading

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Images of Struggle

***This post features no inline pictures as a matter of respect for the subjects and audiences. However, linked resources may cause distress.*** Earlier this year, Fiji suffered a devastating hurricane and the rest of the world looked on through their screens. … Continue reading

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First Let’s Take A Selfie

The selfie phenomenon in popular culture is mind boggling.  There’s not a single day that Facebook isn’t abuzz with selfies from friends, and our news streams are being flooded and overtaken with yet more Kardashian selfies. And I have to be … Continue reading

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